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Chopsticks 5 pairs Pentagon

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Item Description

Production District: Wakasa (Fukui, JAPAN)
Quantity: 5 pairs

Length: 9 inches (230mm)
Top of the Stick Width: 5/16 inch (8mm)

Base: Plywood
Base Coating: Water & Heat Resistant Resin
Top Coating: Wax

Dish Washer: OK

The best chopsticks by owner!

Why a pentagon shape?
I can tell you these chopsticks are the best chopsticks in my store. I prefer the new pentagon shaped chopsticks and here are some reasons why:

The pentagon shape is a modern, non-traditional shape in chopsticks. Most Japanese chopsticks have a square or round shape. Why a pentagon shape? Because in Japanese gGokakuh translates to pentagon and hsuccess on an examinationh. This item has become more and more popular among students and parents.

The pentagon shape is uniform from top to bottom. The edges are also pentagon-shaped and are useful for handling. They can hold slippery foods, such as noodles, very easily. Have you eaten noodles with round chopsticks? It was very hard, wasnft it? Even the Japanese have difficulty sometimes.

The chopsticks are crafted with compacted plywood and resin, which make them very strong but still light weight.

Slim chopsticks provide very good handling, especially when eating grilled fish. You can separate fish meat and bones with ease.