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Tea caddy Sakura

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Item Description

Production District: Kakunodate (Akita, JAPAN)
Uses: Japanese tea or any tea

Height: 4-3/4 inch (120mm)
Diameter: 3-1/8 inch (80mm)

Body: Japanese Cherry Tree Bark
Floral: Mother-of-pearl (Raden)

Dish Washer: Unable
Microwave: Not microwave safe
Box: Wooden box

What is special?
The Tea Caddy is one of the traditional cherry tree bark works of Kakunodate town in Akita. The town is small and quite. In 1820fs some lower level Samurai started to make the cherry tree bark works. The works has been certified by the Japanese government since 1976.
The tea caddy does not contain any steel inside and is made with all cherry bark. The bark removes excessive moisture in caddy. This feature helps to keep good tea condition.
The surface is painted with Japanese lacquer. If you use it for a long time, the surface color will change to a milder color. One of the handcraft man told me the tea caddy is useful for a lifetime and guaranteed.