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Tea Cup Kutani Shunpu Hoko Sawada

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Production District: Kutani (Ishikawa JAPAN)

Cup Height: 2-15/16 inch (75 mm)
Top pf the Cup Diameter: 3-5/8 inch (92 mm)
Saucer Diameter: 4-5/16 inch (109 mm)
Cup Capacity: approximately 6.7 oz. (200 ml)

Dish Washer: Not recommended
Microwave: Not microwave safe
Box: Paper Box

What is Kutani?
The history of Kutani pottery traces back to the beginning of the Edo period (1655). The early stage progressed under the support of the Daishoji clan. After the discovery of the potterfs clay at a mine near Kutani village, a potter was sent to Arita (Imari) district to master ceramics. He brought his techniques back to Kutani, but production suddenly ended around 1700. The cause of the decline is still unknown.

About eighty years later the Kasugayama kiln opened at Kanazawa under the control of the Kaga Clan. A lot of kilns were built and each developed their own special style. In the Meiji period (1868-1912), Shoza Kutani developed his unique style, and the works of his apprentices were exported as highly valued examples of Industrial Arts of Kutani.

Now there are 49 government recognized Master Craftsmen and 2 Living National Treasures in Kutani.