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Soy Sauce Tray 5 pcs set Bizen Biryusya 2

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Item Description

Production District: Bizen (Okayama, JAPAN)
Potter: Biryusya
Pattern: Ash glaze (no chemical)

Tray Height: 19/32 inch (15mm)
Tray Width: 3-1/8 inch square (80mm x 80mm)
Bottle Capacity: approximately 0.8 oz. (24ml)

Dish Washer: Not recommended
Microwave: OK

Attention: Only one bottle like this in the world. Only one order is acceptable.

What is Bizen?
Bizen is one of the six oldest porcelain districts in Japan. Their roots are from Sueki. Sueki techniques came from Korea in the 4th – 7th century. It is the oldest kiln in Japan. Bizen does not use chemical glaze. Bizen clay has a lot of iron content and the color is red and dark brown. The color and patterns are uncontrolled and made by location in kiln, ash glaze, flame and other factors. Thatfs also controlled more by nature than by human intervention. The value of this technique is estimated to be very high. Bizen has had 5 Living National Treasures and one of the best pottery districts in Japan now.